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The real reason why Raquel Pelissier (Miss Haiti) lost the Miss Universe crown

When Raquel Pelissier (Miss Haiti) stepped on the Miss Universe's stage, Haitians all over the world cheered with joy and emotion.

Because for the first time in a long time, we had a chance to show the world the hidden beautiful of Haiti through her. 
Like you, I was glued to the TV screen. I was restless, and I could not wait for here to clinch the title.
But when she made it to the top six best contestants, a sudden fear quickly dawn on me. Quietly in my head, I started asking questions.
One of them was: Will Haiti cost Raquel Pelissier the crown?
Hold on! Let me explain.
Remember, the country of the person who wins the 2017 crown must host Miss Universe the following year.
For example, in 2016 the Philippines won, so they get to host the pageant in 2017. Right?
Therefore, if Miss Haiti had won in 2017, Haiti would have to host Miss Universe in 2018? Imagine that?

This would have been an amazing opportunity for Haiti to shine. But we must be honest with ourselves by asking …