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Haitians who vote for Hillary Clinton are traitors

We have hundreds of news articles and well-documented evidence that clearly show hundreds of millions of Haitian dollars have disappeared into the hands of the Clintons in thin air. If you think I am lying Google: "Clinton rob Haiti."

If after all the evidence, you still insist on voting for Hillary Clinton you are a traitor. You are not worthy to be called Haitian. You should be hung by the neck with your balls shove down your throat.

You may be asking, why use such strong language? Well, let me paint the picture for you in case you have forgotten about the Clintons robbery.

The 2010 earthquake claimed 316,000 Haitians lives in just a few seconds. Downtown Port-Au-Prince and 95% of its infrastructure were gone. Dead bodies were all over the streets, and the world was in disbelief.

Millions of Haitian became homeless instantly. The international community claimed it was the worst natural disaster they have ever seen in many decades. You remember that, right?

 At this point, all eyes were on Haiti, and the faucet of donations was opened wide. Powerful aid organizations such as the Clinton Foundation, the Red Cross, Yele Haiti, and many others set up campaigns that collected over $13 billion to rebuild Haiti.

Haitians thought they had finally struck gold, but what happened next will cause your heart to explode out of your chest.

The Red Cross collected half a billion dollars and only built six shanty houses. Our own brother, Wyclef's Yele Haiti organization, collected $16 million, but it vanished like lightning in the sky. Until now, no one knows what happened to the Yele's fund, and the organization was defunct in 2012. Have you noticed the trend? Then Clinton Foundation collected $100 million, that too had disappeared into thin air.

As a result, many of the people they claimed they were going to help with the money they collected are still living in tents six years later. Do you seriously believe Haitians lives matter to the Clintons?

It gets worst. For fifty years the Haitian government never allows mining in Haiti. But after the earthquake, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton forces the hand of the Haitian government and secure gold mining rights for her brother.

Since 2011, several truckloads of gold that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars have been extracted and shipped to the good old USA. The Clinton family is now filthy rich on the back of poor Haitians. It is disgraceful. Do you still want to vote for Hillary Clinton?

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking I am reminding you of this because I want you to vote for Donald Trump. HELL NO! If I had my way with you, I would not let you vote at all.

Don't you see what's going on? Trump and Clinton are different sides of the same coin. The Clintons have robbed Haiti, and Trump might deport Haitians if he becomes president.

You must not trust or put your hope in any of them. The USA agenda for the next ten years is already written. Don't flatter yourselves. What influence do you think you can seriously have on this election? Your vote does not matter. The United States is not a democracy.

They tell you to go vote to make you feel as if you have power over the process. But you don't. It is a sham, a fraud. The electoral college decides who becomes president. Not your vote. Anyone who tells you otherwise is bullshitting you. So, don't waste your time.

In conclusion, no Haitian with Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Dutty Boukman, Capois Lamort, or Charlemagne Péralte's blood in their vein should vote for a lying thief or a wicked white supremacist.

Remember, $13 Billion collected; $13 Billion spent, and Haiti has nothing to show for it after six years. It is a shame.

Therefore, you Haitians must stop empowering your oppressor, learn your history, and take action now. Share on Facebook whether you agree or not, and leave a comment below. Thanks!

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