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Watch kanaval Haiti 2019 live online

Watch kanaval Haiti 2016 live online

We have seven websites you can visit right now to watch the 2019 Haitian carnaval live. You can also listen to more than 500 carnival tracks from President Martelly to Don Kato here on HaitiNewsHaiti. Just click the play button below epi mete gouyad nan ren'w

NOTE: You don't have to pay for expensive cable bill for channels you barely watch. You can watch all new and unlimited hot movies online right now.

When is Haiti's 2019 Carnaval?

Haiti national carnival is taking place maybe in Port-Au-Prince in 2017. The dates (3 jour gras) might be the 7, 8, and 9 of February 2017.

The theme for that year might be: ("Haitien ann vanse pou pi devan"). We will update you once we get the info.

Listen to Haiti kanaval 2019 Tracks Live

7 Websites to stream Haiti Kanaval 2019 live Free

To watch the 2019 carnival live on the internet below is a short list of working websites. There was no problem with the links at the time of our test. Report to me any issue you may find.

NOTE: Please share with your Facebook friends.

1. Radio Television National d’Haiti – This is working and it's totally free. But be aware of the fact that it can be slowed at times. RTNH will broadcast the carnival live every day. Let us know if there is an issue.

2. – Have paid channels. This is the perfect place to watch the Haitian kanaval live. This website is mobile responsive. Which means you can watch on your mobile, tablet, Laptop, and desktop san problem. This is not working. This website is fucked. The root page for the domain is missing. Live stream from Radio Tele Ginen Haiti. Reliable stream with good video quality.

4. Kajoutvcanal This thing is slow as hell. This website used to be good, but it is now a total mess. These folks are broadcasting the carnaval live. Check them out.

5. Radiotelevisioncaraibes.comThis website is very slow also. Live stream from Radio Television Caraibes. This stream works perfectly at the time of testing. Please report any issues you may encounter.

6. Telestarhaitilive.comThis website is fucked. It looks like the domain does not exist. This website is fast and seems to be very reliable at the time of our test and research.

7. Streema.comLook here to see if you can find something that's working. This site provides a long list of all the popular TV stations in Haiti.

As of right now, these are the only websites we could find that works in some ways.

Haitian streaming websites common issues

If you consume contents through your mobile or tablet you will have a hard time dealing with some of the websites simply because they are not responsive.

The non-responsive website will not display the content accordingly which sometimes leads to frustration. If you find yourself on a website like that do not be despair because devices such as laptop and desktop should work fine.

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If you find a website that is on point with solid structure and responsive design let us know.

If you need help making your site responsive let me know.

NOTE: If you are going to Haiti for the kanaval, make sure to make arrangement early. Hotel is very expensive in Haiti.

Now you know where to go to watch Carnaval Haiti 2019 live online. Please share.

Do you have a question? Join me in the comments below.

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