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Top websites to watch free movies online now

watch free movies

Where to watch free movies online? A question many movie lovers ask Google everyday, but many times the returned result are not always what you expected them to be.

For example, some websites will make you browse from pages to pages from sites to sites without ever showing you what they promise in the first place.

This is extremely annoying and a waste of your time, but that ends today.

Today we explore the top 6 most reliable websites to watch hot movies online now.

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1) How to watch new bootleg movies on YouTube free

free action movies putlocker
What...! YouTube (YT)?

Yes! Look:

You will never believe it. But what you are about to read here is true. You must know that YouTube has a huge library of both hot new release and old movies you will die for.

For example, I get 11.7 million hits when I type "free movies" in the YouTube search box. That's huge!

Many of those movies are absolutely free because they are in public domain. However many are pirated and illegally uploaded to YouTube.

Check out the YouTube public domain movie channel here. To learn more about public domain movies go here.

YouTube removes movies from its website all the time because of copyright complaints. But it is impossible to take them all down because 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube.

With all that being said, now the question is: how do you find those hot new movies?

It's easy. The secret to find awesome movies to watch on YouTube is in the keyword you type in the search box.

Let me explain!

If you are in the mood for action movies, simply go to YouTube (YT) and type "free action movies." I get 2.19 million results for that search term. You can go ahead and do the same for every genre of movies you want to watch and get amazing results.

Here are three basic tips for finding hot movies on YouTube:

Use movie name in your search term if it is old and in the public domain.

Use general search terms such as “free action movies” or “free comedy movies” for new released movies. That helps you avoid all the nasty YouTube spamming results.

You should also filter the results if you are looking strictly for movies that are just coming out in theater for the current year.

2) How to find and watch movie on DailyMotion

free romantic movie

Daily Motion is not a highly common website, but it functions just like YouTube. You can create a channel, upload videos, comment on other channel’s videos and share and promote your videos on social media.

The site interface is very simple and clean. Everything is organized in a straightforward manner.

The Daily Motion movie library is not as big as the YouTube’s movie library. But if you are looking for a movies that are not available on YouTube (especially foreign movies) you must check out Daily Motion.

Now to watch movies on DailyMotion, follow the instructions just like I have shown you for YouTube.

For example, lets say you are looking for romantic movies. Go to DailyMotion and type “free romantic movie” in the search box. You will get thousands of result in seconds. Again general search like this helps you avoid spammers.

You may have experience this before. You click on a result, then click play, yet it turns out to be a promotion to visit some scamming website to watch the movie.

When you get there they either give you the run around or ask you to pay. Sometimes you realize the content just does not exist, or worst, adds a virus on your computer.

Again perform general movie search to filter out the spammers whenever it is possible.

3) How to watch free movies and show on Hulu

Free hulu movies and shows

Many people know Hulu for its tv shows, but if you look closely you will notice that Hulu has a wide variety of movies and services you can select from.

The Hulu website is truly amazing for the way it categorizes its movies and videos. And because they do not allow users to add their own videos to the site, there is absolutely no spams or nasty and sneaky users promotional videos that will reroute you to some dirty unknown website.

So that makes it possible to browse the site with confidence without wasting your time.

The Huly movie library is not as big as the YouTube’s or DailyMotion’s library but they have plenty of movies to choose from. Also, you should know that their movies are not very new, but they have a great collection of old movies and awesome documentaries.

Hulu offers a paid services called Hulu Plus for some of its shows and movies. You can sign up for their Hulu Plus service if you do not want ads to be served to you. When you are browsing the site you will see their paid shows and movies are clearly marked with the plus sign to indicate paid services.

Now if you cannot find what you need on YouTube and DailyMotion try Hulu before taking your search to the next three websites below.

4) How to watch new movies on Zmovie

free new bootleg movies

Zmovie is one of those pirated websites you need to bookmark. Here is why. If you are the type of person who is solely interested in watching new movies you will love this site.

Zmovie always has the latest movies. Don’t even waste your time googling. Whenever you want to watch new movies, go to zmovie. It’s as simple as that.

They have a huge library of new movies. It's unbelievable. Zmovie do not host the movies itself as I understand. Instead, the site is poised as a directory for finding the movie that you want on other host websites. They make it very easy to watch the latest movies fast.

Zmovie is not a good looking site, but the amount of new movies found on this site makes it irresistible.

Here is how it works.

Once you get to the site, simply select the new movie you want to watch. You will land on a page on the same site that has many links to many different sites that hosts the movie.

Pick a link, then click play to start watching the movie immediately.

Now understand that this is a pirated website. The only way it makes money is through advertisement. As a result, you may find many annoying popups ads overlay the video, and some of them can be harmful to your computer.

So, I advise you to install and activate adblock softwares and a good antivirus programs to protect your computer.

Also, If I were you I would not do this on my cellphone. Besides the site is not responsive, so it won’t look good at all on your small screen devices.

5) How to watch brand new movies on Putlocker

watch free putlocker movies

There are many different sites on the internet hosted under the name Putlocker, so I do not know if they are all owned by the same owner.

However my two favorites are and You can Google the name to see more results.

Some putlocker websites do not sort the movies by default from newest to oldest. Instead you get whatever the latest upload is. If it’s new it’s new, but if it’s old that is what you will see.

When you get to the homepage you have to search and sort the results yourself. But despite this minor inconvenience, the putlocker website is loaded with movies.

If you want to watch both old and new action, comedy, fantasy, romance, horror, crime, drama, thriller, family, anime, etc… go to Putlocker--you will not be disappointed.

Here is how to find movies on putlocker.

If you go to, all you will see on the homepage is a search form you can use. Just type your search term, year (optional) and choose a category.

That’s it! You are ready to rock and roll with putlocker.

6) How to watch movies and shows on Xmovies8

old and new movies and tv shows

Xmovies8 host both movies and tv shows. If there is a hot TV show out there you want to watch but do not have money for cable -- make Xmovies8 your best friend.

Xmovies8 has both old and new movies and TV shows. It looks like the majority of content for this site is stores on youtube privately. Which makes it possible for the videos to play smoothly most of the time.

Now here is how it works. Simply select a category or type the name of the movie you want to watch in the search box. And that’s it.

This was your top 6 website to watch movies online free of charge.

Notice: all the website are able to pay their bills by selling ads.

Be careful what you click on. You may unintentionally install a virus on your system. If you are concerned with this issue install ad block in your favorite web browser.

All the websites I mention here have long list of movies from other cultures and languages. So check them out to watch free hindi movies, bollywood movies, christian movies, tamil movies, telugu movies, malayalam movies, korean movies, filipino movies and chinese movies.

Now tell me what is your take on this topic? Do I miss your favorite website(s)? Join me in the comments below.

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