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List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016

List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2015
List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016
This is the full list of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016. We also provide the full list of both approved and rejected senate (sénateurs) and house (députés) candidates below.

NOTE: A recent survey by HaForS claimed Jude Celestin holds a substantial lead in the Presidential race, with 31.5% of respondents saying they will vote for him.

Pitit Dessalines' Moïse Jean-Charles came in second (13.4% of vote intentions), PHTK's Moïse Jovenel in third (7.3%) and Renmen Ayiti’s Jean-Henry Céant in fourth (7.2%), according to the survey.

While the company that conducted the survey, Haïti Formation et Service de Consultation (HaForS), claims its poll was based on a nationally representative sample, the sample size or methodology of the survey does not appear to be publicly available.

With that said, let's get right to the lists.


3). Haiti Oil Reserves Are Now Worth $120 Billion

The lists are in pdf format, so you will need to use either Foxit Reader or Adobe reader to open the pdf files. Get Adobe Reader here or get Foxit Reader here.

If you are viewing this post on a cellphone or tablet, your device may already be equipped with a pdf file opener software. If not, search and download the software from your device marketplace. 

List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016

For this year election in Haiti 70 Haitians submitted applications to the CEP. There were 64 men and 6 women. But the CEP only admitted 55 candidates. Check the list to see if your favorite candidate for the presidency is on it.

List of Parties and Political Groups who have obtained a Chartered campaign number for the 2016 election

There are 128 political parties on this list. Why so many? In Haiti the government is the surest way to get a good job that pays well.

List of approved senate candidates for Haiti election 2016

For Haiti senate election 2016, 262 Haitian men and women have been approved to officially run and hopefully occupy a seat in the senate.

Get the full list here.

List of rejected senate candidates for Haiti election 2016

305 application were submitted for the senate but 43 were rejected. Many PHTK (Pati Haiti Tet Kale) candidates are in this list.

Here is the full list. Opened here

List of approved house candidates for Haiti election 2016

A massive list of 2039 Haitians are approved to officially run for a seat in the House. Why so many? It will take a whole to explain.

Open the full list here.

List of rejected house candidates for Haiti election 2016

2350 Candidates applied to to run for the senate, but among them 321 applications were rejected. Many were seeking a second term, the the BCEN and the CEP rejected their application anyway.

Get the list here.

Now tell us what do you think of these candidates? If the election was held today, who would you vote for? Join us in the comment below.

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