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Watch Haitian movie We Love You Anne 2 live online

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Where to watch Haitian movie We Love You Anne 2 live online?

The highly anticipated sequel to “I Love You Anne” is now "We Love You Anne". “We Love You Anne” is the most popular Haitian movie of all time.

As you may have already known the first movie was adapted from a series of songs dubbed “Anne” written by Antonio Cheramy (aka Don Kato).

We Love You Anne features the same actors we saw in I love You Anne such as Tonton Bicha, Nice Simon, Don Kato, Jo Zenny, Fresnel Larosilière. We Love You Anne also added some unexpected guests such as Gessica Geneus and Reginald Bastien (Ti Régi from Djakout Mizik).

I Love You Anne is one of the most popular film Haitien ever made. As a matter of fact, after over a decade since the movies was released, “I Love You Anne” DVDs are still one of the most profitable source of income for the movie's production team.

Now the way to understand why this movie continues to command such success is to watch it yourself. So we have it right here for you.

Here is how it's all started. One day Anne went out to do a little shopping and while she was browsing the shelves in the supermarket she met Don Kato.

Everything was all good and stuff after that, but unfortunately there was one big problem.

Tonton Bicha, Anne's father, is trying to raise his daughter in a traditional way. Sometimes in the Haitian culture and to many Haitian parent like Tonton Bicha, that means prevent all intimate social interaction between young men and young women.

Who is Don Kato though?

Haitian movie We Love You Anne

Don Kato is a Haitian artist with an untraditional look that many Haitian parents find to be unacceptable. He has long hair (he is a rasta) and play reggae music which some Haitian parents look down upon.

However Anne fell in love with Don Kato anyway. When Bicha discovered Anne was in love with Don Kato he decided to do everything he could to put an end to the relationship.

While Tonton Bicha was trying to destroy Anne's relationship with Kato, a young racketeer by the name of Jude started to pursue Anne aggressively. He even tried to kill Kato in a massive gun battle in Anne's neighborhood in front of her father and neighbor.

Anne must now makes a choice and fight with her father to keep the relationship with Don Kato alive.

I love you Anne is undeniably the best film Haitien ever made. You've got to watch it. It is available here on HaitiNewsHaiti. Watch it now!

We Love You Anne Casts

The cast includes some of the best Haitian movie makers and actors such as Nice Simon (Anne), Antonio Chéramy (Don Kato), Fils Aimé (Tonton Bicha), Joseph Zenny Jr (Jude), Jessica Geneus, Joseph Zenny Jr., Fresnel Larosiliere, Richard Senecal, Reginald “Ti Regi” Bastien.

The film is directed by Richard Sénécal, The executive producer of Communication Plus.

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