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May 2, 2015

Top 5 Most Beautiful Haitian Models

Below are our top 5 most beautiful Haitian models you have ever seen. Those women are hot and smart. They represent their country well in some of the most popular beauty pageants all over the world.

Without further ado let just jump right into the list.

1). Sarodj Bertin Durocher

Sarodj Bertin Durocher

Sarodj Bertin Durocher is the winner of Miss Haiti 2010. This beautiful goddess is one of the most sought after contestant Haiti has ever had. 

It is reported that she had taken a break from beauty contests to pursue a career in the field of law. 

Born: April 11, 1986 (age 29), Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Parents: Jean Bertin, Mireille Durocher
Movies: One Night in Vegas

2). Clara Luce Lafond

Clara Luce Lafond

Clara Luce Lafond was Miss International for Haiti in 2013. She worked in the field of education and in the beauty industry prior to earning the crown. 

She’s a makeup artist and a natural hairstylist consultant. Now she has a strong interests in modeling and acting.

One of her biggest passions though is to promote healthy living in Haiti, and her new role as Miss International for Haiti will give her additional clout to do just that.

3). Tico Armand

Tico Armand

In an interview with Afropunk Tico provided details regarding her move from Haiti to Brooklyn as a young girl and how she dealt with many adversities she had endured.

Her drive and the motivation to succeed had pushed her to become an accomplished model who has graced the pages of various magazines, and runways across the globe.

4). Vicky Jeudy

Vicky Jeudy
Vicky got her start in the entertainment world competing in beauty pageants. She was a top 25 Semifinalist in the Miss NY USA competition, where she took home the title of Miss Photogenic. 

After gaining her BA theatre studies, her interest shifted from pageants to acting. Vicky landed her first few roles in small independent films. Through these projects she learned that her emotionally nuanced performances, coupled with her professionalism, would create fast opportunities for her future as an artist.

Vicky Jeudy is best known for her breakout role on the American comedy-drama hit series, Orange Is the New Black as Janae Watson, a former high school track star, who after one wrong turn becomes an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary.

5). Natasha Ellie

Natasha Ellie
Nathalie Ellie is a hot Haitian model but she is not very common in the Haitian community. She was featured in Takers, a 2010 movie. 

We could not find a lot of reference regarding her bio, but we found a brief article from the Daily Telegraph that claimed that she sexting Chris Brown before he broke up with Rhianna back in 2009. 

This was our top 5 most beautiful Haitian Models. Now tell me, what is your take on those Haitian beauties? 

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