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May 21, 2015

List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016

List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2015
List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016
This is the full list of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016. We also provide the full list of both approved and rejected senate (sénateurs) and house (députés) candidates below.

NOTE: A recent survey by HaForS claimed Jude Celestin holds a substantial lead in the Presidential race, with 31.5% of respondents saying they will vote for him.

Pitit Dessalines' Moïse Jean-Charles came in second (13.4% of vote intentions), PHTK's Moïse Jovenel in third (7.3%) and Renmen Ayiti’s Jean-Henry Céant in fourth (7.2%), according to the survey.

While the company that conducted the survey, Haïti Formation et Service de Consultation (HaForS), claims its poll was based on a nationally representative sample, the sample size or methodology of the survey does not appear to be publicly available.

With that said, let's get right to the lists.


3). Haiti Oil Reserves Are Now Worth $120 Billion

The lists are in pdf format, so you will need to use either Foxit Reader or Adobe reader to open the pdf files. Get Adobe Reader here or get Foxit Reader here.

If you are viewing this post on a cellphone or tablet, your device may already be equipped with a pdf file opener software. If not, search and download the software from your device marketplace. 

List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016

For this year election in Haiti 70 Haitians submitted applications to the CEP. There were 64 men and 6 women. But the CEP only admitted 55 candidates. Check the list to see if your favorite candidate for the presidency is on it.

List of Parties and Political Groups who have obtained a Chartered campaign number for the 2016 election

There are 128 political parties on this list. Why so many? In Haiti the government is the surest way to get a good job that pays well.

List of approved senate candidates for Haiti election 2016

For Haiti senate election 2016, 262 Haitian men and women have been approved to officially run and hopefully occupy a seat in the senate.

Get the full list here.

List of rejected senate candidates for Haiti election 2016

305 application were submitted for the senate but 43 were rejected. Many PHTK (Pati Haiti Tet Kale) candidates are in this list.

Here is the full list. Opened here

List of approved house candidates for Haiti election 2016

A massive list of 2039 Haitians are approved to officially run for a seat in the House. Why so many? It will take a whole to explain.

Open the full list here.

List of rejected house candidates for Haiti election 2016

2350 Candidates applied to to run for the senate, but among them 321 applications were rejected. Many were seeking a second term, the the BCEN and the CEP rejected their application anyway.

Get the list here.

Now tell us what do you think of these candidates? If the election was held today, who would you vote for? Join us in the comment below.

May 18, 2015

Watch Haitian movie We Love You Anne 2 live online

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Where to watch Haitian movie We Love You Anne 2 live online?

The highly anticipated sequel to “I Love You Anne” is now "We Love You Anne". “We Love You Anne” is the most popular Haitian movie of all time.

As you may have already known the first movie was adapted from a series of songs dubbed “Anne” written by Antonio Cheramy (aka Don Kato).

We Love You Anne features the same actors we saw in I love You Anne such as Tonton Bicha, Nice Simon, Don Kato, Jo Zenny, Fresnel Larosilière. We Love You Anne also added some unexpected guests such as Gessica Geneus and Reginald Bastien (Ti Régi from Djakout Mizik).

I Love You Anne is one of the most popular film Haitien ever made. As a matter of fact, after over a decade since the movies was released, “I Love You Anne” DVDs are still one of the most profitable source of income for the movie's production team.

Now the way to understand why this movie continues to command such success is to watch it yourself. So we have it right here for you.

Here is how it's all started. One day Anne went out to do a little shopping and while she was browsing the shelves in the supermarket she met Don Kato.

Everything was all good and stuff after that, but unfortunately there was one big problem.

Tonton Bicha, Anne's father, is trying to raise his daughter in a traditional way. Sometimes in the Haitian culture and to many Haitian parent like Tonton Bicha, that means prevent all intimate social interaction between young men and young women.

Who is Don Kato though?

Haitian movie We Love You Anne

Don Kato is a Haitian artist with an untraditional look that many Haitian parents find to be unacceptable. He has long hair (he is a rasta) and play reggae music which some Haitian parents look down upon.

However Anne fell in love with Don Kato anyway. When Bicha discovered Anne was in love with Don Kato he decided to do everything he could to put an end to the relationship.

While Tonton Bicha was trying to destroy Anne's relationship with Kato, a young racketeer by the name of Jude started to pursue Anne aggressively. He even tried to kill Kato in a massive gun battle in Anne's neighborhood in front of her father and neighbor.

Anne must now makes a choice and fight with her father to keep the relationship with Don Kato alive.

I love you Anne is undeniably the best film Haitien ever made. You've got to watch it. It is available here on HaitiNewsHaiti. Watch it now!

We Love You Anne Casts

The cast includes some of the best Haitian movie makers and actors such as Nice Simon (Anne), Antonio Chéramy (Don Kato), Fils Aimé (Tonton Bicha), Joseph Zenny Jr (Jude), Jessica Geneus, Joseph Zenny Jr., Fresnel Larosiliere, Richard Senecal, Reginald “Ti Regi” Bastien.

The film is directed by Richard Sénécal, The executive producer of Communication Plus.

If you love "We Love You Anne" join us in the comment below, and click the like button to share on Facebook.

May 14, 2015

Sak Pase: What it means and how to respond properly

sak pase haiti cherie
Haiti has some of the world most exotic beaches.

(Last update march 24, 2017) - Sak pase and nap boule?
 Where and from whom have you heard those expressions from?

Many of you know those phrases as Haitian expressions, but unfortunately you do not know what they mean or how to respond.

Today, in this post, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about the expressions "sak pase and nap boule", what they mean and how to use them properly.

What does "sak pase" mean?

"Sak pase" is a Haitian Creole phrase that literally means "what's up".

Notice, it's not one word. It's two. You can use it in conversation with your friends and most people you know, but in formal situation you will need to use different expressions which I discuss below.

What does "nap boule" mean?

"Nap boule" is a Haitian Creole phrase that means "I'm fine, or I'm okay". It is the response you will give to the person who ask you "sak pase?"

If this is the case, then why do you keep hearing people say things like "sak pase nap boule"?

I am sure you already get the gist of the situation from the translations above. But let's go further.

The wrong way to use "sak pase" and "nap boule"

sak pase couple soaking up the sun
Couple relaxing on one of Haiti's exotic beaches
Many TV personalities such as Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx, Jason Derulo, Wyclef Jean, Oprah Winfrey and Garcelle Beauvais have used the phrase "sak pase or sak pase nap boule".

In fact, here is an example of Beyonce misusing the phrase. But it's not her fault because the journalist doesn't point out the difference for her.

Many TV superstars, school friends, and people at work make the same mistake, and they don't realize that they ask the question and respond to it at the same time.

Even worst, those of you with Haitian background make that mistake too. What's going on here?

You see when you say "sak pase nap boule", you're saying "what's up I'm fine".

This is a forgivable mistake for non-Creole speakers. However for those of you who have Haitian roots, I seriously don't get. You should know better.

Non-Creole speakers mostly make this mistake because they have no idea what they're saying. They repeat what they hear you say.

So, "sak pase nap boule" becomes one of those cool expression you use with Haitians you meet, but it is absolutely wrong.

As an English speaker, what would you say if you hear someone says to others "what's up I'm fine"?

Yep, I thought so too. Now let's see how I can help you use it properly.

How to use "sak pase" and "nap boule" properly?

sak pase nap boule
Haiti's Beautiful Mountain top
Here are some standard Creole greeting and response similar to "sak pase". Organized by Creole phrases followed by English translation and indication of which one is more or less formal.

You ask any of the following:

Sak pase? (What's up) - less formal
Bonjou (Hello) - more formal than "sak pase"
Ki jan ou ye? (How are you) - more formal than "sak pase"
Koman ou ye? (How are you) - more formal than "sak pase"
Kouman ko a ye? (How is everything) - more formal than "sak pase"
Sa fè lontan wi (Long time no see) - use with people you know
Sa fè lontan nou pa wè (Long time no see) - use with people you know

Here is how to respond to the above questions:

N'ap boule (I'm ok) - less formal
M'ap lite (I'm alive) - formal
M'ap boule (I'm fine) - less formal
Mwen byen (I'm well) - more formal
Konm si, konm sa (so, so) - less formal
Mwen byen. E ou mem? (I'm fine. And you?) - formal

To learn more get this book or that book.

I think you are clear now on how to use sak pase, what it means and how to use it properly. So, if you have further questions join me in the comments below.

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Do you know someone who still uses "sak pase and nap boule" the wrong way? Are you changing your way? Do you need help with Creole?

Let me know below.

May 9, 2015

Haiti election 2016 presidential candidates

Haiti election 2015 presidential

It's official, Haiti's highly competitive election is about to get seriously heated. Registration for presidential candidates starts on May 11 and ends on May 20.

So far eleven potential candidates have come forward to publicly declared their intention to replace President Michel Martelly at the National Palace on February 7, 2016.

So, today I bring you the top 11 Haiti election 2016 presidential candidates so far. Let's see who got the balls, the plans and the ideas to move Haiti forward.

1) Jacky Lumarque

Jacky Lumarque is the president of Quisqueya University. He is running for president under the banner of the political platform "Verite" according to a phone interview with the newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

2) Professor Sauveur Pierre Etienne

Professor Sauveur Pierre Etienne, a well-known Haitian politician received 63% of his party's votes to run for president in Haiti's 2016 election.

After his selection, he also received support of his two primary competitors: Edgard Le Blanc Son and Francisco de la Cruz. Professor Sauveur Pierre Etienne is running under the banner of political platform OPL.

3) Pierre-Louis Opont

Pierre-Louis Opont is the leader of the Electoral council of Haiti. His party selected him as their candidate for president.

4) Maryse Narcisse

Haiti election 2015 presidential

Maryse Narcisse is running for president under the banner of the platform Fanmi Lavalas. She already received ex-president Jean Bertrand Aristide's support.

5) Jean Henry Céant

Jean-Henry Céant an active political leader is running for president. The leaders of his political organization, think he can win the presidential election and rule the country.

That is remained to be seen. Jean Henry Céant is running under the political platform Renmen Ayiti.

6) Moïse Jean-Charles

Haiti election 2015 presidential

Moïse Jean Charles is one of the fiercest critics of the Martelly's administration. While he did not want to vote on the amendments to the electoral law, today he is ready to go to election.

How interesting? Moïse Jean-Charles is the presidential candidate for the political platform Pitit Desalin.

7) Edwin D'Haiti

Edwin D'Haiti is the candidate for the political party MUDHAH. He currently facing a dual citizenship issue and that might be one of the main barrier for the sector he represents.

8) Charles Henry Baker

Charles Henry Baker is running for president under the banner of political platform Respè. But because of nationality issue he is currently seeking 300,000 signatures across the country to support his candidacy for the presidency.

9) Jude Célestin

Haiti election 2015 presidential

Jude Célestin, a protégé of former President Rene Preval at the last presidential election, is running for president. However things will be different this time around because he is not seeking support of his mentors. Instead he wants to prove he has grown up and wants to fly with his own wings.

Jude Célestin, is running under the banner of his own political party LAPEH (Ligue Alternative pour le Progrès et l’Emancipation Haïtienne).

10) Edmonde Supplice Beauzile

Edmonde Supplice Beauzile is the presidential candidate for the political organization Fusion des Sociaux Démocrates. But she must wait for ratification from the National Council of the party.

So far the one thing that is working in favor of the former senator is the fact that she is the only person in the Fusion platform to declare her candidacy.

11) André Michel

Haiti election 2015 presidential

André Michel is running for president under the banner of political platform JISTIS. After many unsuccessfully street demonstrations to demand the departure of Michel Martelly, André Michel, changes his strategy by putting his name on the ballot to replace the current head of state in February 2016.

So far these are the candidates we know for sure who claim they are running. But we expect many more to come forward in the next few days before the final registration date which is May 20, 2016.

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As of right now some political parties are waiting before announcing their champion for president while many other groups are working on making alliances.

What is certain, from May 11 to May 20, the country will know for sure the identity of all those who think they got the balls, the plan and ideas to move Haiti forward.

So, this was the top 11 Haiti election 2016 presidential candidates so far. We will add more as we gather more data. So come back later for the rest of the list.

Does your candidate make the list? If the election was held today, who would you vote for? Join me in the comments below.

May 8, 2015

Top websites to watch free movies online now

watch free movies

Where to watch free movies online? A question many movie lovers ask Google everyday, but many times the returned result are not always what you expected them to be.

For example, some websites will make you browse from pages to pages from sites to sites without ever showing you what they promise in the first place.

This is extremely annoying and a waste of your time, but that ends today.

Today we explore the top 6 most reliable websites to watch hot movies online now.

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1) How to watch new bootleg movies on YouTube free

free action movies putlocker
What...! YouTube (YT)?

Yes! Look:

You will never believe it. But what you are about to read here is true. You must know that YouTube has a huge library of both hot new release and old movies you will die for.

For example, I get 11.7 million hits when I type "free movies" in the YouTube search box. That's huge!

Many of those movies are absolutely free because they are in public domain. However many are pirated and illegally uploaded to YouTube.

Check out the YouTube public domain movie channel here. To learn more about public domain movies go here.

YouTube removes movies from its website all the time because of copyright complaints. But it is impossible to take them all down because 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube.

With all that being said, now the question is: how do you find those hot new movies?

It's easy. The secret to find awesome movies to watch on YouTube is in the keyword you type in the search box.

Let me explain!

If you are in the mood for action movies, simply go to YouTube (YT) and type "free action movies." I get 2.19 million results for that search term. You can go ahead and do the same for every genre of movies you want to watch and get amazing results.

Here are three basic tips for finding hot movies on YouTube:

Use movie name in your search term if it is old and in the public domain.

Use general search terms such as “free action movies” or “free comedy movies” for new released movies. That helps you avoid all the nasty YouTube spamming results.

You should also filter the results if you are looking strictly for movies that are just coming out in theater for the current year.

2) How to find and watch movie on DailyMotion

free romantic movie

Daily Motion is not a highly common website, but it functions just like YouTube. You can create a channel, upload videos, comment on other channel’s videos and share and promote your videos on social media.

The site interface is very simple and clean. Everything is organized in a straightforward manner.

The Daily Motion movie library is not as big as the YouTube’s movie library. But if you are looking for a movies that are not available on YouTube (especially foreign movies) you must check out Daily Motion.

Now to watch movies on DailyMotion, follow the instructions just like I have shown you for YouTube.

For example, lets say you are looking for romantic movies. Go to DailyMotion and type “free romantic movie” in the search box. You will get thousands of result in seconds. Again general search like this helps you avoid spammers.

You may have experience this before. You click on a result, then click play, yet it turns out to be a promotion to visit some scamming website to watch the movie.

When you get there they either give you the run around or ask you to pay. Sometimes you realize the content just does not exist, or worst, adds a virus on your computer.

Again perform general movie search to filter out the spammers whenever it is possible.

3) How to watch free movies and show on Hulu

Free hulu movies and shows

Many people know Hulu for its tv shows, but if you look closely you will notice that Hulu has a wide variety of movies and services you can select from.

The Hulu website is truly amazing for the way it categorizes its movies and videos. And because they do not allow users to add their own videos to the site, there is absolutely no spams or nasty and sneaky users promotional videos that will reroute you to some dirty unknown website.

So that makes it possible to browse the site with confidence without wasting your time.

The Huly movie library is not as big as the YouTube’s or DailyMotion’s library but they have plenty of movies to choose from. Also, you should know that their movies are not very new, but they have a great collection of old movies and awesome documentaries.

Hulu offers a paid services called Hulu Plus for some of its shows and movies. You can sign up for their Hulu Plus service if you do not want ads to be served to you. When you are browsing the site you will see their paid shows and movies are clearly marked with the plus sign to indicate paid services.

Now if you cannot find what you need on YouTube and DailyMotion try Hulu before taking your search to the next three websites below.

4) How to watch new movies on Zmovie

free new bootleg movies

Zmovie is one of those pirated websites you need to bookmark. Here is why. If you are the type of person who is solely interested in watching new movies you will love this site.

Zmovie always has the latest movies. Don’t even waste your time googling. Whenever you want to watch new movies, go to zmovie. It’s as simple as that.

They have a huge library of new movies. It's unbelievable. Zmovie do not host the movies itself as I understand. Instead, the site is poised as a directory for finding the movie that you want on other host websites. They make it very easy to watch the latest movies fast.

Zmovie is not a good looking site, but the amount of new movies found on this site makes it irresistible.

Here is how it works.

Once you get to the site, simply select the new movie you want to watch. You will land on a page on the same site that has many links to many different sites that hosts the movie.

Pick a link, then click play to start watching the movie immediately.

Now understand that this is a pirated website. The only way it makes money is through advertisement. As a result, you may find many annoying popups ads overlay the video, and some of them can be harmful to your computer.

So, I advise you to install and activate adblock softwares and a good antivirus programs to protect your computer.

Also, If I were you I would not do this on my cellphone. Besides the site is not responsive, so it won’t look good at all on your small screen devices.

5) How to watch brand new movies on Putlocker

watch free putlocker movies

There are many different sites on the internet hosted under the name Putlocker, so I do not know if they are all owned by the same owner.

However my two favorites are and You can Google the name to see more results.

Some putlocker websites do not sort the movies by default from newest to oldest. Instead you get whatever the latest upload is. If it’s new it’s new, but if it’s old that is what you will see.

When you get to the homepage you have to search and sort the results yourself. But despite this minor inconvenience, the putlocker website is loaded with movies.

If you want to watch both old and new action, comedy, fantasy, romance, horror, crime, drama, thriller, family, anime, etc… go to Putlocker--you will not be disappointed.

Here is how to find movies on putlocker.

If you go to, all you will see on the homepage is a search form you can use. Just type your search term, year (optional) and choose a category.

That’s it! You are ready to rock and roll with putlocker.

6) How to watch movies and shows on Xmovies8

old and new movies and tv shows

Xmovies8 host both movies and tv shows. If there is a hot TV show out there you want to watch but do not have money for cable -- make Xmovies8 your best friend.

Xmovies8 has both old and new movies and TV shows. It looks like the majority of content for this site is stores on youtube privately. Which makes it possible for the videos to play smoothly most of the time.

Now here is how it works. Simply select a category or type the name of the movie you want to watch in the search box. And that’s it.

This was your top 6 website to watch movies online free of charge.

Notice: all the website are able to pay their bills by selling ads.

Be careful what you click on. You may unintentionally install a virus on your system. If you are concerned with this issue install ad block in your favorite web browser.

All the websites I mention here have long list of movies from other cultures and languages. So check them out to watch free hindi movies, bollywood movies, christian movies, tamil movies, telugu movies, malayalam movies, korean movies, filipino movies and chinese movies.

Now tell me what is your take on this topic? Do I miss your favorite website(s)? Join me in the comments below.

May 2, 2015

Top 5 Most Beautiful Haitian Models

Below are our top 5 most beautiful Haitian models you have ever seen. Those women are hot and smart. They represent their country well in some of the most popular beauty pageants all over the world.

Without further ado let just jump right into the list.

1). Sarodj Bertin Durocher

Sarodj Bertin Durocher

Sarodj Bertin Durocher is the winner of Miss Haiti 2010. This beautiful goddess is one of the most sought after contestant Haiti has ever had. 

It is reported that she had taken a break from beauty contests to pursue a career in the field of law. 

Born: April 11, 1986 (age 29), Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Parents: Jean Bertin, Mireille Durocher
Movies: One Night in Vegas

2). Clara Luce Lafond

Clara Luce Lafond

Clara Luce Lafond was Miss International for Haiti in 2013. She worked in the field of education and in the beauty industry prior to earning the crown. 

She’s a makeup artist and a natural hairstylist consultant. Now she has a strong interests in modeling and acting.

One of her biggest passions though is to promote healthy living in Haiti, and her new role as Miss International for Haiti will give her additional clout to do just that.

3). Tico Armand

Tico Armand

In an interview with Afropunk Tico provided details regarding her move from Haiti to Brooklyn as a young girl and how she dealt with many adversities she had endured.

Her drive and the motivation to succeed had pushed her to become an accomplished model who has graced the pages of various magazines, and runways across the globe.

4). Vicky Jeudy

Vicky Jeudy
Vicky got her start in the entertainment world competing in beauty pageants. She was a top 25 Semifinalist in the Miss NY USA competition, where she took home the title of Miss Photogenic. 

After gaining her BA theatre studies, her interest shifted from pageants to acting. Vicky landed her first few roles in small independent films. Through these projects she learned that her emotionally nuanced performances, coupled with her professionalism, would create fast opportunities for her future as an artist.

Vicky Jeudy is best known for her breakout role on the American comedy-drama hit series, Orange Is the New Black as Janae Watson, a former high school track star, who after one wrong turn becomes an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary.

5). Natasha Ellie

Natasha Ellie
Nathalie Ellie is a hot Haitian model but she is not very common in the Haitian community. She was featured in Takers, a 2010 movie. 

We could not find a lot of reference regarding her bio, but we found a brief article from the Daily Telegraph that claimed that she sexting Chris Brown before he broke up with Rhianna back in 2009. 

This was our top 5 most beautiful Haitian Models. Now tell me, what is your take on those Haitian beauties? 

Please share with your friends on Facebook and leave a comment below.



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