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Apr 27, 2017

How Haiti becomes the poorest country in the western hemisphere

How Haiti becomes the poorest country in the western hemisphere

The mistake that puts Haiti in the class of the poorest nations on earth started with a sneaky move by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

You see. The plan of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund after World War Two was to make the world a better place. To be honest, this objective looks great on paper, but the end result of their practices in dealing with poor yet resourceful nations like Haiti is purely evil.

Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool because there are too many countries that can be used as evidence. Their systems of loan’s conditionalities are not created to maintain accountability. They use them to pillage resources and destroy poor countries economic and national sovereignty.

It has been 72 years since the establishment of the IFIs. Their goal was to make the world a better place. What have we seen instead is chaos, carnage, and greed to the highest level.

The poverty gap has grown larger while the rich nations get exponentially richer. The unsustainable banking system of the IFIs is at the heart of the problem.

Here is how the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund destroyed Haiti

why is haiti a failed state
Haiti was once a rich self-sustaining rice producer.
Before the 80s, Haiti was a thriving export of sugar, cacao, coffee, and many other raw materials. She was self-sustaining. Haitians had livestock such as pigs and chickens. Haiti produced enough rice in those days to sustain herself.

The country was fine until the government was forced by the US to take a few loans from the World Bank and the IMF in the 80s. Almost immediately the country was gone through a spiral of rapid economic decline that no one has ever seen before. Today Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

How the hell did a self-sustained nation becomes a foreign aid dependent in less than two decades?
Well, here is how it happens.

The International Monetary Fund's conditionalities for borrowing money stipulate countries that want to borrow money must accept and implement immediately its four most destructive conditions. So Haiti did exactly that. It implemented a lower tariff on imports, trade liberalization, deregulation, and privatization of state enterprises.

Haiti used to charge a tariff of 35% on imported rice but drop the rate to less than 5%. Every restriction on foreign goods was completely eliminated. Moreover, the government liquidated all its assets. This why you no longer have Ciment d'Haiti, Teleco, etc.

Now the door was wide opened, so the United States, France, and Germany (top IFIs partners) littered the Haitian market with cheap subsidized rice, beans, and other goods which destroyed the local rice market and put 50% of people out of work.

The blow that buries the nail in the coffin

Haitian pigs
All Haitian pigs were killed and replaced with foreign ones.
Then they launched a livestock killing campaign and get rid of all Haitian pigs and chickens. In addition, all of sudden the raw materials and the leftover agricultural products Haiti used to export were declared unsafe by the USDA. That was the final nail in the coffin.

Today Haiti imports almost everything it needs from IFIs partners, the local economy is destroyed, agricultural production is gone, and now the government is completely controlled by NGOs.

All of these things happened partly because of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund practices and governance. Their reputation proceeds them everywhere they go. Haiti is just another victim added to the long list.


  1. Aida Parker (2017). The Haitian Holocaust.
  2. Milo Milfort (2016). The foreign roots of Haiti’s hunger
  3. Amy Wilentz (2015). How America and the Rest of the World Ruined Haiti
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Mar 10, 2017

Deklarasyon René Préval ki te fè peyi d'Haiti tranble avan li mouri

President René Préval est mort

Eske ou gen yon bagay ki make'w de Président René Préval? Pataje li ak nou nan bwat komantè anba paj sa a.

Men kèk deklarasyon chokan Président René Garcia Préval te fè padan li te dirijan peyi d'Haiti nan 2 manda li yo.

René Préval te fè pèp la anpil promès nan kanpay li pou'l te vin prezidan. Men lè premye manda li te prèske fini, 85% nan tout sa li te promèt pèp la pat ko janm ateri.

Mizè pèp la te di anpil, manje te chè, lapli pat janm tonbe, peyi a te cho kou vè lanp, tout bagay te tèt anba, epi tansyon politik la menm ak grangou tap pete boul grenn anpil malere.

Président René Garcia Préval nan diskisyon ak jounalis sou kisa li ta dwe fè pou soulaje doulè pèp la deklare:

"Naje pou'w soti."
Pawòl sa a te fè gwo bouyay nan peyi d'Haiti tankou aletranje paske pa gen pèsònn ki te vle kwè yon koze konsa te ka soti nan bouch prezidan an.

President René Garcia Préval décédé

Nan fen dezyèm manda Préval, Gwoudougwoudou pase li krabinen Port-Au-Prince epi tiye plis pase 300.000 moun.

CNN Sanjay Gupta, nan yon ti enterview mande Président René Garcia Préval nan aéroport Toussaint Louverture, "kisa wap regle isit la?

Président René Préval reponn:

"My Palace Collapsed."
Imedyatman Internet la te pran dife paske pesònn pat ka kwè se repons sa a Président René Préval ta pral bay.

Men video a:

Antouka, kondoleyans special ak fanmi prezidan an, senpatizan li yo, ak tout peyi a. Nou pèdi yon lidè special. Ann swete li bon vwayaj pou leternité.

Eske ou gen yon bagay ki make'w de Président René Préval? Pataje li ak nou nan bwat komantè anba paj sa a. Mèsi!

Pa bliye pataje atik sa a sou Fas la...

Jan 31, 2017

The real reason why Raquel Pelissier (Miss Haiti) lost the Miss Universe crown

Raquel Pelissier Miss Haiti 2017

When Raquel Pelissier (Miss Haiti) stepped on the Miss Universe's stage, Haitians all over the world cheered with joy and emotion.


Because for the first time in a long time, we had a chance to show the world the hidden beautiful of Haiti through her. 

Like you, I was glued to the TV screen. I was restless, and I could not wait for here to clinch the title.

But when she made it to the top six best contestants, a sudden fear quickly dawn on me. Quietly in my head, I started asking questions.

One of them was: Will Haiti cost Raquel Pelissier the crown?

Hold on! Let me explain.

Remember, the country of the person who wins the 2017 crown must host Miss Universe the following year.

For example, in 2016 the Philippines won, so they get to host the pageant in 2017. Right?

Therefore, if Miss Haiti had won in 2017, Haiti would have to host Miss Universe in 2018? Imagine that?

This would have been an amazing opportunity for Haiti to shine. But we must be honest with ourselves by asking this heart-wrenching question:

Do we seriously think that the Miss Universe Committee would want to organize such a prestigious event in Haiti?

The answer is clearly NO. We can agree to disagree on this one, but I firmly believe it. We can debate this in the comment box below.

They way the beauty pageant business works

The beauty pageant business is highly concerned with beauty and perception. Unfortunately, the world generally doesn't think of Haiti as a beautiful country. They dubbed Haiti the poorest country in the western Hemisphere.

Trust me, that label was in the back of the head of the judges as they were deciding who they would proclaim the winner. That perception is the key to how Haiti costs Raquel Pelissier the crown.

I am not taking anything away from Miss France. But we must be honest. If Haiti was as developed as even the Dominican Republic, we could have won. 

And if she was representing any developed nation, there is no way she would have lost.

You see, we all suffer when the leaders of our country do not take their job seriously. They steal and waste the country's resources, and we share the consequences.

So, Miss Raquel lost the Miss Universe crown because of the stigmas we continue to accept. We cannot blame anyone, but ourselves.

Anyway, she made us proud, and I hope the world would now see us a little bit differently. Lots of love and kisses to our Raquel Pelissier.

We could not have had a better person to represent us. Congratulations!

You disagree? Leave your comment below, then share on Facebook.

Oct 8, 2016

Haitians who vote for Hillary Clinton are traitors

We have hundreds of news articles and well-documented evidence that clearly show hundreds of millions of Haitian dollars have disappeared into the hands of the Clintons in thin air. If you think I am lying Google: "Clinton rob Haiti."

If after all the evidence, you still insist on voting for Hillary Clinton you are a traitor. You are not worthy to be called Haitian. You should be hung by the neck with your balls shove down your throat.

You may be asking, why use such strong language? Well, let me paint the picture for you in case you have forgotten about the Clintons robbery.

The 2010 earthquake claimed 316,000 Haitians lives in just a few seconds. Downtown Port-Au-Prince and 95% of its infrastructure were gone. Dead bodies were all over the streets, and the world was in disbelief.

Millions of Haitian became homeless instantly. The international community claimed it was the worst natural disaster they have ever seen in many decades. You remember that, right?

 At this point, all eyes were on Haiti, and the faucet of donations was opened wide. Powerful aid organizations such as the Clinton Foundation, the Red Cross, Yele Haiti, and many others set up campaigns that collected over $13 billion to rebuild Haiti.

Haitians thought they had finally struck gold, but what happened next will cause your heart to explode out of your chest.

The Red Cross collected half a billion dollars and only built six shanty houses. Our own brother, Wyclef's Yele Haiti organization, collected $16 million, but it vanished like lightning in the sky. Until now, no one knows what happened to the Yele's fund, and the organization was defunct in 2012. Have you noticed the trend? Then Clinton Foundation collected $100 million, that too had disappeared into thin air.

As a result, many of the people they claimed they were going to help with the money they collected are still living in tents six years later. Do you seriously believe Haitians lives matter to the Clintons?

It gets worst. For fifty years the Haitian government never allows mining in Haiti. But after the earthquake, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton forces the hand of the Haitian government and secure gold mining rights for her brother.

Since 2011, several truckloads of gold that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars have been extracted and shipped to the good old USA. The Clinton family is now filthy rich on the back of poor Haitians. It is disgraceful. Do you still want to vote for Hillary Clinton?

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking I am reminding you of this because I want you to vote for Donald Trump. HELL NO! If I had my way with you, I would not let you vote at all.

Don't you see what's going on? Trump and Clinton are different sides of the same coin. The Clintons have robbed Haiti, and Trump might deport Haitians if he becomes president.

You must not trust or put your hope in any of them. The USA agenda for the next ten years is already written. Don't flatter yourselves. What influence do you think you can seriously have on this election? Your vote does not matter. The United States is not a democracy.

They tell you to go vote to make you feel as if you have power over the process. But you don't. It is a sham, a fraud. The electoral college decides who becomes president. Not your vote. Anyone who tells you otherwise is bullshitting you. So, don't waste your time.

In conclusion, no Haitian with Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Dutty Boukman, Capois Lamort, or Charlemagne Péralte's blood in their vein should vote for a lying thief or a wicked white supremacist.

Remember, $13 Billion collected; $13 Billion spent, and Haiti has nothing to show for it after six years. It is a shame.

Therefore, you Haitians must stop empowering your oppressor, learn your history, and take action now. Share on Facebook whether you agree or not, and leave a comment below. Thanks!

Aug 1, 2016

Super sexy Roody Roodboy music video photos

roody roodboy music video

"Karese'm La", the newly released Roody Roodboy's track has rocked the Haitian Music Industry.

Many, including, Roody's fans have claimed that the content of the video is just too hot for TV and the internet.

Unless you see the behind the scene pictures you will never believe it. I include the pictures and the video for you to enjoy.

What do you think? Is the video to hot for TV? Let me know in the comment box below.

roody roodboy photo
Roody Roodboy mp3 kareem la

roody roodboy mp3 kareem la

Roody Roodboy "Karese'm La" music video 2016

What do you think? Is the video to hot for TV? Let me know in the comment box below. Share on Facebook.

Jul 5, 2016

Watch kanaval Haiti 2017 live online

Watch kanaval Haiti 2016 live online

We have seven websites you can visit right now to watch the 2017 Haitian carnaval live. You can also listen to more than 500 canaval tracks from President Martelly to Don Kato here on HaitiNewsHaiti. Just click the play button below epi mete gouyad nan ren'w

NOTE: You don't have to pay expensive cable bill for channels you barely watch. You can watch all new and unlimited hot movies online right now.

When is Haiti's 2017 Carnaval?

Haiti national carnival is taking place maybe in Port-Au-Prince in 2017. The dates (3 jour gras) might be the 7, 8, and 9 of February 2017.

The theme for that year might be: ("Haitien ann vanse pou pi devan"). We will update you once we get the info.

Listen to Haiti kanaval 2017 Tracks Live

7 Websites to stream Haiti Kanaval 2017 live Free

To watch the 2017 carnaval live on the internet below is a short list of working websites. There was no problem with the links at the time of our test. Report to me any issue you may find.

NOTE: Please share with your Facebook friends.

1. Radio Television National d’Haiti – This is working and it's totally free. But be aware of the fact that it can be slowed at times. RTNH will broadcast the carnival live everyday. Let us know if there is any issue.

2. – Have paid channels. This is the perfect place to watch the Haitian kanaval live. This website is mobile responsive. Which means you can watch on your mobile, tablet, Laptop and desktop san problem. This is not working. This website is fucked. The root page for the domain is missing. Live stream from Radio Tele Ginen Haiti. Reliable stream with good video quality.

4. Kajoutvcanal This thing is slow as hell. This website used to be good, but it is now a total mess. These folks are broadcasting the carnaval live. Check them out.

5. Radiotelevisioncaraibes.comThis website is very slow also. Live stream from Radio Television Caraibes. This stream works perfectly at the time of testing. Please report any issues you may encounter.

6. Telestarhaitilive.comThis website is fucked. It looks like the domain does not exist. This website is fast and seems to be very reliable at the time of our test and research.

7. Streema.comLook here to see if you can find something that's working. This site provide a long list of all the popular TV stations in Haiti.

As of right now these are the only websites we could find that works in some ways.

Haitian streaming websites common issues

If you consume contents though your mobile or tablet you will have a hard time dealing with some of the websites simply because they are not responsive.

The non-responsive website will not display the content accordingly which sometimes leads to frustration. If you find yourself on a website like that do not be despair because devices such as laptop and desktop should work fine.

SEE ALSO: top 5 most beautiful Haitian models

If you find a website that is on point with solid structure and responsive design let us know.

If you need help making your site responsive let me know.

NOTE: If you are going to Haiti for the kanaval, make sure to make arrangement early. Hotel is very expensive in Haiti.

Now you know where to go to watch kanaval Haiti 2017 live online. Please share.

Do you have question? Join me in the comments below.

Feb 28, 2016

How to buy cheap minutes to call people in Haiti for $0.19 easily

Save money by buying cheap minutes to call Haiti.
Learn how to save money by buying cheap minutes to call Haiti.

Calling and texting people in Haiti is still expensive despite having Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber, and many others that allow you to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world for free.

Using the apps may not be an issue for someone who lives in the U.S. because the Internet is easily accessible, cheap, and even free sometimes.

But to someone who lives in Haiti where the Internet is less accessible, expensive, and most of the time slow, it is a big deal because the cost can add up very quickly.

Another problem is the steep fees the phone card companies charge when you use their card to call Haiti. For instance, let's say you are in the U.S. you buy a $2-$5 prepaid phone card to call Haiti.

They will charge you $0.33 per minute, a connection fee, a service charge fee, and a weekly fee until there is nothing left on the card.

In addition, their customer service phone number does not always work when you call to complain.

Basically you are wasting tons of money every time you use one of those stupid phone cards.

Listen, money doesn't grow on trees. You can do better!

So, how do you call and text people in Haiti from the United States or any other country in the world without spending a lot of money?

In this step-by-step guide I am going to show you how I buy minutes to call and text people in Haiti for cheap every month.

How to call and text Haiti from the USA for cheap

how do you call people from haiti

Let me show you step-by-step how I buy minutes for $0.19 to call Haiti any time on any device I prefer every month.

We are going to to use a company named Xoom by PayPal.

What is so good and special about this company?
  • They offer the cheapest rate you can find anywhere in the world. $0.19 per minute.
  • They will give you %10 every time your referral buys minutes.
  • They don't charge service fees or weekly fees.
  • They don't charge connection fees.
  • They have excellent customer service (you can call or e-mail them any time).
To start making calls right away follow the steps below:

1) Create an account. Once you are on the homepage click the "sign up" button at the top right side of the page

2) Fill out the form or provide your Facebook credentials to sign up. On that page, they ask for your name, your country, your phone number, your email, choose a password, finally check the box next to "Agree to terms and conditions". Then click "create a free account".

3) At this point your Xoom account is created, and you are automatically login. You will see the message in the image below. I always choose to make a free call.

4) You will be taken to a following page when you chose "make a free call". You will be asked to provide information for the person you want to call, then click the green button to chose if you want to use a land line phone or cellphone.

5) Now, you are on the page where you can chose your device type to make your first call. If you are using a desktop to follow this tutorial you can make the call if there is a microphone attached to it.

Laptop and tablet are usually equipped with microphone by default. So, go ahead, and test it out. But, I chose to use my phone.

how to buy minute for haiti

6) When you click the "Make your free call now" green button, you will be taken to a page where you can chose your local phone number to make your free call like it shows in the image below. If you chose the computer option, you will be directly connected.

7) Once you click continue, you will see the number you need to call. Whenever you need to call that person from Haiti just dial that number.

That's it.

It will look like you're calling a local number, but you are indeed calling Haiti. Just relax, and let the phone rings.

Note: You don't need to know what Haiti area code is because the system will fill in all that details for you. Remember this is a pinless phone service.

Anyway Haiti area code is: 509 in case you need it.

Call your people in Haiti

Your account is now set up. You can now do the following:

  • add all your local Haitian numbers in the system one by one, 
  • add minutes to your account, 
  • and finally add those local numbers Xoom generated for you on your cellphone.

Once this is done, you can start making international phone calls to friends and family in Haiti fast and easy.

8) To proceed, click on the button "I made my first call". Then, you can either chose to add minutes or go to the dashboard of your account. It looks like this:

how to text haiti for free (snapchat)

9) I chose to go to my dashboard just so I can get a feel for the system. Also you can add minutes and manage all aspects of the account through the dashboard.

10) To add credit, click the yellow "add credit" button. To add contacts click "contacts". To get cheap minutes, click "subscriptions". I chose subscription for now, but I'll add all my contacts later. It's very easy.
  1. I chose Haiti from the list of countries, and click on the "Haiti 100" minutes plan. Then click "buy now" button.
  2. I enter my billing address information, then I chose my method of payment. You can use a credit card, Paypal, or Ukash.
  3. Wait for a few minutes for the transaction to be processed. After five minutes have gone by you will see your minutes.
11) Now, add all your Haiti numbers to the system to get their local number equivalent. Here is how to do it.
  1. Click contacts 
  2. Click on add another  contact.
  3. Fill out the name, phone number, and country. 
That is all you need to do for every phone numbers you have for Haiti.

How to Call Haiti for the first time with prepaid minutes

If you are calling Haiti for the first time follow these simple steps:
  1. Dial "011". This is the United States phone exit code.
  2. Then dial "509". This is the country code for Haiti.
  3. Finally, dial the phone number you want to call. For example, "2931 2900".
Let's put it all together.

So, to call Haiti with a prepaid phone card you simply need to dial the number like this:

011 509 2931 2900

Haiti's top city phone area codes you probably didn't know about:

Port-au-Prince: 21
Port-de-Paix: 26
Cap-Haitien: 23
Mirebalais: 27
Les Cayes: 25
Gonaives: 22
Jacmel: 28

Remember Haiti only has two telephone comapnies: Natcom uses a "2" before the main number and Digicel uses a "3" before the main number.

Examples of Natcom and Digicel telephone number formats:

Natcom: 2 931 2100
Digicel: 3 931 2200

What is the best phone cards to call Haiti?

If you don't want to go through this process, there are many cheap phone cards you can get. They cost from $2-$10.

Just walk to any gas station in your neighborhood and get some. But remember they are a waste of money.

I prefer to use Xoom because I only pay $0.19 cent per minute. Those phone cards charge $0.33 not including all the surcharges.

Now people in Haiti don't have that flexibility when it comes to buying phone cards from multiple competitors. There are two phone companies in Haiti: and Natcom.

That's it.

Whatever they charge you pay.

So, to add minutes to a phone in Haiti, you have to go through those two channels.

They usually offer some massive deals for people overseas. For example, they have promotions such as add $10 and they will multiply it by 5, 8, or 10 times the minutes.

It sounds great right? Well there is a catch. You must use all of the minutes in a very control set of time. For instance, use all your minutes in 15 days or lose it all. How interesting!

How to make free international calls & send text to Haiti 

Haiti phone company

To make free international calls to Haiti you need  apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Google calling app. You can send text and video chat as well.

The services are totally free to use but remember people in Haiti don't have unlimited Internet access. They will need to buy data every time they need to use those services.

Those are the best free apps you can use right now to connect with people in Haiti for absolutely free.

Take action and save some money right now

I just show you the cheapest and the best way to call people in Haiti. I hope you will stop wasting your money on phone cards.

Go buy cheap minutes to call Haiti right now. Supercharge your account, and start the convo with your peeps today.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or need help with anything.

Thanks for visiting!

Sep 15, 2015

Haiti oil reserves are now worth $120 billion

Haiti oil reserves are now worth $120 billion

Haiti oil reserves are now worth $120 billion US dollars. Is this true? Read on to discover the shocking truth. It's unbelievable!

They say “Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere." Is that true? No. The media love to tell that lie, but it is totally false. But why?

Here is why: Haitians are poor; however, the land of Haiti is rich with natural resources. Foreign nations have unleashed huge media propaganda campaigns to paint Haiti in strongly negative lights so everyone believes their lies while they are stealing the precious wealth of Haiti.

SEE ALSO: The nightmare of $13 billion dollars of Haitian donations in the hands of the Clintons will break your heart

Folks here is the truth: Haiti’s oil reserves are now worth $120 billion US dollars. That means the country of Haiti is among the ONE percent wealthiest nations on earth with its oil resources.

Let me assure you that this is not a fairytale story. But I have to confess that I did not believe it when I first learned about the existence of oil in Haiti. I was very skeptical. After all, why haven’t we heard about this before? Why are most Haitians so poor? All are good questions we ask when we heard something like this. But you now have a chance, just like me, to know the truth once and for all.

Let me tell you. It is true that Haiti’s oil reserves are now worth $120 billion US dollars. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Below, you will discover both historical facts and powerful scientific evidence that support this claim fair and square.

Haiti oil reserves and the big multinational oil companies

A 2000 report by the US Geological Survey reported that the Greater Antilles areas of Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and their offshore waters, may contain more than 142 million barrels of crude oil and 159 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

But the amount could be as high as 941 million barrels of crude oil and 1.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas because many areas have yet to be explored, according to the report.

In addition, radio Metropole reported scientists Daniel and Ginette Mathurin claimed that "Haiti’s oil reserves are actually larger than those of Venezuela."

Dr. Daniel Mathurin reported that "Haiti’s oil reserves are so much larger that they are not even worth comparing… It's like an Olympic pool compares to a glass of water."

This is an amazing statement considering the fact that Venezuela is one of the world’s major oil producers. Nonetheless, all the evidence we have so far seems to validate their claims.

In a paper dated March 27, 2004, Dr. Georges Michel detailed the history of oil discoveries in Haiti and explained why they have not been exploited yet.

According to the report, the big multinational oil companies know about the massive reserves of oil in Haiti, but there was almost too much oil to go around in the 50's. So they decided that those reserves were not needed at the time and that they would be kept in reserve until later.

The attitude of the big multinational oil companies was: “we shall keep the Haitian deposits and other such layers of deposits in reserve for the 21st century when the Middle Eastern jackpot are all depleted.”

This decision was made because Haiti has been known to have substantial oil reserves as far back as 1908. But poor Haitians have been kept in abject poverty all this time when they could have been benefiting from the profit of the oil.

Haiti’s massive gold deposit and other natural resources

Not only Haiti has oil, it also possesses a great deal of gold as well.

A United Nations study in the 70s indicated that Haiti could be littered with gold and copper deposits. However, planned political violence and recurring coup d’état have kept the gold from being mined.

So how much gold does Haiti have? According to NBCNews and the Bureau of Mines Director Dieuseul Anglade, Haiti has $20 billion worth of gold hidden deep below the tropical ridges of its northeastern mountains.

The former president of Dominican Petroleum Refinery also confirmed that Haiti has vast untapped reserves of iridium (a little known and rare mineral that is vital for the construction of spacecraft).

So, how the hell a country with $120 billion worth of oil and $20 billion worth of gold is considered the poorest in the western hemisphere? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

Scientific evidence of Haiti’s Gold deposit 

Back in 2007, a geologist with 27 years of experience hunting for gold was asked what he thought the chances of discovering huge amounts of gold in Haiti were.

Here is how he responded…. “I don’t think there’s a question of whether there’s a good deposit here. It’s a question of whether we can develop it here in Haiti.”

In fact, analysts are predicting “a stampede into Haiti” if the existence of large gold deposits there can be confirmed.

So the so-called "poorest nation in the western hemisphere" turns out to be just brimming with oil and gold. Do you think that those resources will be used to rebuild Haiti and to give Haitian a truly bright future?

Don’t count on it because Haiti’s natural resources are considered “strategic reserves” of the United States.

You see, for decades Haiti has been viewed by many as being essentially “owned” by the United States. The U.S. government has done little to actually help the nation of Haiti get on the right path, but they maintain a huge presence there. In fact, the U.S. fifth largest embassy is in Haiti.

What can we hope for?

Now the question we need to ask is when will all of the oil and gold be used to help the people of Haiti? Will the gold and oil be exploited by ruthless foreigners and continue to keep Haitians in abject poverty?

Oil is expensive in Haiti. Let’s tap into those massive reserves and deposits right now.

Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comment box below. Share it on Facebook.

See this for powerful scientific evidence: The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti
Sources: World OilHaiti could have larger oil reserves than Venezuela, 2015
Radio MetropoleHaïti regorge de pétrole affirmed Daniel et Ginette Mathurin, 2015

May 21, 2015

List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016

List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2015
List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016
This is the full list of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016. We also provide the full list of both approved and rejected senate (sénateurs) and house (députés) candidates below.

NOTE: A recent survey by HaForS claimed Jude Celestin holds a substantial lead in the Presidential race, with 31.5% of respondents saying they will vote for him.

Pitit Dessalines' Moïse Jean-Charles came in second (13.4% of vote intentions), PHTK's Moïse Jovenel in third (7.3%) and Renmen Ayiti’s Jean-Henry Céant in fourth (7.2%), according to the survey.

While the company that conducted the survey, Haïti Formation et Service de Consultation (HaForS), claims its poll was based on a nationally representative sample, the sample size or methodology of the survey does not appear to be publicly available.

With that said, let's get right to the lists.


3). Haiti Oil Reserves Are Now Worth $120 Billion

The lists are in pdf format, so you will need to use either Foxit Reader or Adobe reader to open the pdf files. Get Adobe Reader here or get Foxit Reader here.

If you are viewing this post on a cellphone or tablet, your device may already be equipped with a pdf file opener software. If not, search and download the software from your device marketplace. 

List of presidential candidates for Haiti election 2016

For this year election in Haiti 70 Haitians submitted applications to the CEP. There were 64 men and 6 women. But the CEP only admitted 55 candidates. Check the list to see if your favorite candidate for the presidency is on it.

List of Parties and Political Groups who have obtained a Chartered campaign number for the 2016 election

There are 128 political parties on this list. Why so many? In Haiti the government is the surest way to get a good job that pays well.

List of approved senate candidates for Haiti election 2016

For Haiti senate election 2016, 262 Haitian men and women have been approved to officially run and hopefully occupy a seat in the senate.

Get the full list here.

List of rejected senate candidates for Haiti election 2016

305 application were submitted for the senate but 43 were rejected. Many PHTK (Pati Haiti Tet Kale) candidates are in this list.

Here is the full list. Opened here

List of approved house candidates for Haiti election 2016

A massive list of 2039 Haitians are approved to officially run for a seat in the House. Why so many? It will take a whole to explain.

Open the full list here.

List of rejected house candidates for Haiti election 2016

2350 Candidates applied to to run for the senate, but among them 321 applications were rejected. Many were seeking a second term, the the BCEN and the CEP rejected their application anyway.

Get the list here.

Now tell us what do you think of these candidates? If the election was held today, who would you vote for? Join us in the comment below.

May 18, 2015

Watch Haitian movie We Love You Anne 2 live online

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Where to watch Haitian movie We Love You Anne 2 live online?

The highly anticipated sequel to “I Love You Anne” is now "We Love You Anne". “We Love You Anne” is the most popular Haitian movie of all time.

As you may have already known the first movie was adapted from a series of songs dubbed “Anne” written by Antonio Cheramy (aka Don Kato).

We Love You Anne features the same actors we saw in I love You Anne such as Tonton Bicha, Nice Simon, Don Kato, Jo Zenny, Fresnel Larosilière. We Love You Anne also added some unexpected guests such as Gessica Geneus and Reginald Bastien (Ti Régi from Djakout Mizik).

I Love You Anne is one of the most popular film Haitien ever made. As a matter of fact, after over a decade since the movies was released, “I Love You Anne” DVDs are still one of the most profitable source of income for the movie's production team.

Now the way to understand why this movie continues to command such success is to watch it yourself. So we have it right here for you.

Here is how it's all started. One day Anne went out to do a little shopping and while she was browsing the shelves in the supermarket she met Don Kato.

Everything was all good and stuff after that, but unfortunately there was one big problem.

Tonton Bicha, Anne's father, is trying to raise his daughter in a traditional way. Sometimes in the Haitian culture and to many Haitian parent like Tonton Bicha, that means prevent all intimate social interaction between young men and young women.

Who is Don Kato though?

Haitian movie We Love You Anne

Don Kato is a Haitian artist with an untraditional look that many Haitian parents find to be unacceptable. He has long hair (he is a rasta) and play reggae music which some Haitian parents look down upon.

However Anne fell in love with Don Kato anyway. When Bicha discovered Anne was in love with Don Kato he decided to do everything he could to put an end to the relationship.

While Tonton Bicha was trying to destroy Anne's relationship with Kato, a young racketeer by the name of Jude started to pursue Anne aggressively. He even tried to kill Kato in a massive gun battle in Anne's neighborhood in front of her father and neighbor.

Anne must now makes a choice and fight with her father to keep the relationship with Don Kato alive.

I love you Anne is undeniably the best film Haitien ever made. You've got to watch it. It is available here on HaitiNewsHaiti. Watch it now!

We Love You Anne Casts

The cast includes some of the best Haitian movie makers and actors such as Nice Simon (Anne), Antonio Chéramy (Don Kato), Fils Aimé (Tonton Bicha), Joseph Zenny Jr (Jude), Jessica Geneus, Joseph Zenny Jr., Fresnel Larosiliere, Richard Senecal, Reginald “Ti Regi” Bastien.

The film is directed by Richard Sénécal, The executive producer of Communication Plus.

If you love "We Love You Anne" join us in the comment below, and click the like button to share on Facebook.



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