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Watch kanaval Haiti 2019 live online

We have seven websites you can visit right now to watch the 2019 Haitian carnaval live. You can also listen to more than 500 carnival tracks from President Martelly to Don Kato here on HaitiNewsHaiti. Just click the play button below epi mete gouyad nan ren'w

NOTE: You don't have to pay for expensive cable bill for channels you barely watch. You can watch all new and unlimited hot movies online right now.
When is Haiti's 2019 Carnaval? Haiti national carnival is taking place maybe in Port-Au-Prince in 2017. The dates (3 jour gras) might be the 7, 8, and 9 of February 2017.

The theme for that year might be: ("Haitien ann vanse pou pi devan"). We will update you once we get the info.
Listen to Haiti kanaval 2019 Tracks Live
7 Websites to stream Haiti Kanaval 2019 live Free To watch the 2019 carnival live on the internet below is a short list of working websites. There was no problem with the links at the time of our test. Report to me any issue you may find.

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BRI KOURI: Moise Jean Charles twakamò

Dènye nouvèl yo ta rive fè konnen Moise Jean Charles gendwa pa chape si leta pa demele'l kou mèt jan jak frete yon avyon pou'l al pran swen Cuba rapid.

Vandredi pase nan yon entèvansyon prese prese Moise Jean Charles te rive ospitalize nan yon lopital fanmil ak pròch li yo pa rive idantifye pou rezon sekirite.

Ki maladi Moise Jean Charles soufri?Moise Jean Charles, chèf platform Pitit Dessalines nan soufri de 2 maladi: tansyon e anemi falsifòm. Men maladi ki rive mete'l kouche sou kabann lopital jodiya se yon gwo problèm tansyon grav ki deja tiye anpil Ayisyen Haiti.
Vandredi pase tansyon an fè yon atak sovaj sou chèf platform Pitit Dessalines nan, kote li ta sanble domaje konplètman pati gòch kò li.
Eske Moise ap chape? Nou pa konnen. Gen anpil moun ki deja di gen yon men kache deye bagay sa e ou menm kisa ou di sa?

Sak Pase: What it means and how to respond properly

Sak pase and nap boule? Where and from whom have you heard those expressions from?
Many of you know those phrases as Haitian expressions, but unfortunately you do not know what they mean or how to respond.
Today, in this post, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about the expressions "sak pase and nap boule", what they mean and how to use them properly. What does "sak pase" mean?"Sak pase" is a Haitian Creole phrase that literally means "what's up". Notice, it's not one word. It's two. You can use it in conversation with your friends and most people you know, but in formal situation you will need to use different expressions which I discuss below.
What does "nap boule" mean?"Nap boule" is a Haitian Creole phrase that means "I'm fine, or I'm okay". It is the response you will give to the person who ask you "sak pase?" If this is the case, then why do you keep hearing peopl…

How Haiti becomes the poorest country in the western hemisphere

The mistake that puts Haiti in the class of the poorest nations on earth started with a sneaky move by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

You see. The plan of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund after World War Two was to make the world a better place. To be honest, this objective looks great on paper, but the end result of their practices in dealing with poor yet resourceful nations like Haiti is purely evil.

Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool because there are too many countries that can be used as evidence. Their systems of loan’s conditionalities are not created to maintain accountability. They use them to pillage resources and destroy poor countries economic and national sovereignty.

It has been 72 years since the establishment of the IFIs. Their goal was to make the world a better place. What have we seen instead is chaos, carnage, and greed to the highest level.

The poverty gap has grown larger while the rich nations get exponentially richer.…

Deklarasyon René Préval ki te fè peyi d'Haiti tranble avan li mouri

Eske ou gen yon bagay ki make'w de Président René Préval? Pataje li ak nou nan bwat komantè anba paj sa a.

Men kèk deklarasyon chokan Président René Garcia Préval te fè padan li te dirijan peyi d'Haiti nan 2 manda li yo.

René Préval te fè pèp la anpil promès nan kanpay li pou'l te vin prezidan. Men lè premye manda li te prèske fini, 85% nan tout sa li te promèt pèp la pat ko janm ateri.

Mizè pèp la te di anpil, manje te chè, lapli pat janm tonbe, peyi a te cho kou vè lanp, tout bagay te tèt anba, epi tansyon politik la menm ak grangou tap pete boul grenn anpil malere.

Président René Garcia Préval nan diskisyon ak jounalis sou kisa li ta dwe fè pou soulaje doulè pèp la deklare:

"Naje pou'w soti." Pawòl sa a te fè gwo bouyay nan peyi d'Haiti tankou aletranje paske pa gen pèsònn ki te vle kwè yon koze konsa te ka soti nan bouch prezidan an.

Nan fen dezyèm manda Préval, Gwoudougwoudou pase li krabinen Port-Au-Prince epi tiye plis pase 300.000 moun.

CNN Sanjay G…

The real reason why Raquel Pelissier (Miss Haiti) lost the Miss Universe crown

When Raquel Pelissier (Miss Haiti) stepped on the Miss Universe's stage, Haitians all over the world cheered with joy and emotion.

Because for the first time in a long time, we had a chance to show the world the hidden beautiful of Haiti through her. 
Like you, I was glued to the TV screen. I was restless, and I could not wait for here to clinch the title.
But when she made it to the top six best contestants, a sudden fear quickly dawn on me. Quietly in my head, I started asking questions.
One of them was: Will Haiti cost Raquel Pelissier the crown?
Hold on! Let me explain.
Remember, the country of the person who wins the 2017 crown must host Miss Universe the following year.
For example, in 2016 the Philippines won, so they get to host the pageant in 2017. Right?
Therefore, if Miss Haiti had won in 2017, Haiti would have to host Miss Universe in 2018? Imagine that?

This would have been an amazing opportunity for Haiti to shine. But we must be honest with ourselves by asking …

Haitians who vote for Hillary Clinton are traitors

We have hundreds of news articles and well-documented evidence that clearly show hundreds of millions of Haitian dollars have disappeared into the hands of the Clintons in thin air. If you think I am lying Google: "Clinton rob Haiti."

If after all the evidence, you still insist on voting for Hillary Clinton you are a traitor. You are not worthy to be called Haitian. You should be hung by the neck with your balls shove down your throat.

You may be asking, why use such strong language? Well, let me paint the picture for you in case you have forgotten about the Clintons robbery.

The 2010 earthquake claimed 316,000 Haitians lives in just a few seconds. Downtown Port-Au-Prince and 95% of its infrastructure were gone. Dead bodies were all over the streets, and the world was in disbelief.

Millions of Haitian became homeless instantly. The international community claimed it was the worst natural disaster they have ever seen in many decades. You remember that, right?

 At this point,…